Making animation easier. . .

Tahoma2D is a full featured program geared at digital and stop motion animation workflows.  

It includes:

  • A powerful drawing engine with support for vector and raster graphics
  • Support for Canon DSLR cameras and webcams
  • Powerful effects to bring your animation to the next level
  • Flexible export features to support a variety of formats

What makes Tahoma2D different from OpenToonz?

  • The simplified workspace
  • Easier project management
  • Rhubarb Lip Sync integration for automatic lip syncing
  • Perspective guides and grids for precision drawing
  • A status bar with helpful hints for new users
  • No additional libraries needed to export in common formats like mp4 and gif
  • Support for Canon DSLR cameras on macOS - not just Windows
  • And many more small quality of life improvements